Slideshare Visual Guide to Circles in Google+ by Ross Mayfield

Excellent demonstration of how to us Slideshare to convey a visual understanding of the concept of Circles in Google+ Nicely integrates a classic video clip from YouTube to provide added insight and a touch of humor too! [I'm not sure if the use of the particular embedded video is a copyright infringement or not]

How to Promote Yourself and Your Colleagues Using Blog Nets

An earlier presentation showing you how to use portions of the Economy of Action Guide to distribute across Blog Networks. This will give you some insight of what to expect when Social Media Dominoes is released on August 20, 2011.

How To Set Your Security Settings in Google Plus

A short video from Chris Brogan showing you how to configure your security settings when you use Google Plus

Google+ Video Overview for Getting Started

In this video, you’ll learn the basics of Google Plus and how you can use this social networking platform. Google Plus was launched on June 28th 2011. SocialRank will be posting more information and videos about Google Plus.