Uniting WordPress.com and Posterous

www.challenge.co/training/mod3/day5/ GuruBob introduces WordPress.com and shows you to create a WordPress blog and add user details to Posterous for The Challenge. Find out more about GuruBob here: www.gurubob.co/

Mail Merge in LibreOffice – Video Tutorial

In this tutorial we take a look at using LibreOffice to perform a “mail merge”. Mail merge allows you to take data you store in a spreadsheet or database, such as the names an addresses of your contacts, and integrate them into a text document. This process is used frequently to create mailing labels, or to personalize letters for mass mailings. I tried to make the topic a little more interesting by turning it into a game of Madlibs. Though the format is a little different, the process is the same.

Source: iLearnThings.com

Video showing you how to install and configure Akismet for a WordPress Blog

Easy to understand video showing you how to install and configure the Akismet anti-spam plugin for your WordPress Blog. This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at TutorialSeries.com