How-to Use Cinchcast in Less Than 10 Minutes

How-to Use Cinchcast in Less Than 10 Minutes from the BlogTalkRadioGuy.

Cinchcast enables a member to post audio messages on a timeline for other members to listen to. As with other social sites, you follow people and they follow you. The principal difference is that you can talk to each other, or at least leave messages. When used as part of a BlogTalkRadio show, Cinchcast allows for interviews that can be uploaded and used during a show. This video is by Ken English, the BlogTalkRadioGuy.

Cinchcast Audios from Start to Finish

Following the posting of the previous look at Cinchcast Audios, I was asked if I could provide a more detailed response and this should satisfy that request. This video shows you how to create a Cinchcast album; record from computer or call into a special phone line from your smart phone, cell phone or land line; how to embed the audio player widget into your blog for playback from the blog or your Cinchcast profile page. This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at