Diigo Ext. for Google Chrome – Bookmark, Archive, Highlight

BasicBlogTips.com Tutorial for using the Diigo Bookmark Extension for Google Chrome. Keep track of your most important websites and blogs and use annotations and sticky notes to keep your thoughts organized.

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Easily Convert Social Bookmarks & RSS Feeds to Slideshows

Discover the possible uses of this Social Media Tool from Diigo.

A new way of organizing, sharing, and presenting web content…

How is it useful?

  • Provide a quick briefing, a simple tutorial or guided tour on any subject.
  • Re-mix and re-package your blog posts to encourage browsing and embedding…
  • Create a guided tour for any website
  • Show a list of houses to real estate clients
  • Review a list of job candidates found online
  • Bundle important course resources for students
  • Assemble all the pages on a specific family line
  • Provide guided use cases for potential customers
  • Share the favorite places you would like to visit with your friends and blog readers
  • WebSlides allows you to create slideshow from bookmarks or RSS Feeds in minutes

Diigo WebSlides – Discover the possibilities!

Diigo WebSlides - Discover the possibilities!

Using Diigo Social Curation Tool 101

Discover how easy it is to use Diigo in your social media distribution process. Diigo is an extremely powerful social media tool you’ll want to become familiar with in the days ahead.