How to Create Photo Billboards and Repurpose Text

Video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof showing you how to create images using to construct social billboards to display text, tips, quotes and other content you wish to share and make available for others to post and distribute on their sites, blogs and social platforms. Let your imagination be your guide! You’ll find many other tips and tutorials here: I encourage you to connect with my blog at

Video Example Using AVS Editor and Images to Create Content

Most people who have been on the Internet for a few months will have discovered the ability to share photos of family, friends and events on sites like Flickr or Facebook. What they frequently overlook are the many other sites for sharing photos and images with the world at large. By using these added sites you can cast a larger shadow and make it more likely others will find what you are wanting to share.

This video was created using the process described here on this blog

Easily Convert Social Bookmarks & RSS Feeds to Slideshows

Discover the possible uses of this Social Media Tool from Diigo.

A new way of organizing, sharing, and presenting web content…

How is it useful?

  • Provide a quick briefing, a simple tutorial or guided tour on any subject.
  • Re-mix and re-package your blog posts to encourage browsing and embedding…
  • Create a guided tour for any website
  • Show a list of houses to real estate clients
  • Review a list of job candidates found online
  • Bundle important course resources for students
  • Assemble all the pages on a specific family line
  • Provide guided use cases for potential customers
  • Share the favorite places you would like to visit with your friends and blog readers
  • WebSlides allows you to create slideshow from bookmarks or RSS Feeds in minutes

Diigo WebSlides – Discover the possibilities!

Diigo WebSlides - Discover the possibilities!

Using Diigo Social Curation Tool 101

Discover how easy it is to use Diigo in your social media distribution process. Diigo is an extremely powerful social media tool you’ll want to become familiar with in the days ahead.

Nicheprof’s Online Tutorial Series – Autoresponders 101

If you do anything online as a small business, entrepreneur or solopreneur, you will come to the point (hopefully very early on) you need to have an autoresponder system to keep in touch with your community. This video provides instructions for working with AWeber as your autoresponedr. This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at

Nicheprof’s Online Tutorial Series – SexyBookmarks 101

If you want the content an posts on your blog shared with others, I consider this plugin from Shareaholic an absolute must! In this video I show you the way I suggest you use and configure SexyBookmarks for your WordPress blogs. Please note the order I use to display the bookmark tabs to visitors, your choices here can be critical to the degree and size of your social sharing footprint. I will be posting a second video showing visitors who visit your blogs how easy it is for them to share your content with their own family, friends, community and followers. This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at

Video Shows You How to Convert Text to Audio Using Chirbit

This is a tutorial showing you how you can take text content and convert it into a Chirbit Audio file you can add to your blog or website and share across your social platforms


Check this out on Chirbit

Free Tool to Record on Screen Videos and Webcam Casts

A great tool you can use to record videos of up to 15 minutes for free. For just $12 per year, you can go “PRO” and you can record up to 60 minutes. They provide a free hosting platform, ability to upload to YouTube, download to your computer, save in multiple formats. You owe it to yourself to check it out and add it to your Social Media Tool Chest

How to Use Boomerang for Gmail for Social Distribution

Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof’s video showing you how to use Boomerang for Gmail to distribute social media posts, messages, reminders on a pre-scheduled basis!