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Google Reader + IFTTT

How to combine Google Reader with IFTTT for your social media arsenal. Just one way of distributing syndicated content from a wide variety of customizations

Another look at If This, Then That for Social Media

This video provides another perspective on uses of as a social media tool

All about IFTTT (aka – If This, Then That)

Transcript: Hi everyone, Erik Sebellin-Ross from CMD here. I’m going to tell you about the first really awesome web tool I’ve seen this year.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff, it’s been more of the same…this has some more of the sameyness but it’s got a degree of customization that’s really sweet. It’s called “If this, then that.”

It’s kind of a syndication tool so you can take content from Facebook and have it show up on Twitter. But it’s more flexible than those other tools because you can publish to SMS, craigslist, send emails, whatever. Another cool feature is that you can choose to be discriminate about what content gets syndicated. so, just tweets with certain hashtags…I’ll show ya.

So first we’re going to tell the service where to look for content. I’ll go with a Facebook page. Most of the options you see, when you click them, you’ll specify what the service will look at. For the Facebook page I’ll tell it to look for status messages.

Sometimes there are fields to customize the trigger but in this case there aren’t. So I’ll click create trigger. Now we’ll tell the service what action to take once it has found some new content.

In this case we’ll be boring and we’ll post to Twitter. Safe and easy. So how is this supposed to look? Is it posting a tweet based on the Facebook page post? Will it be an image? I don’t know how that works considering we don’t have an image…or post a new user to a list? Those don’t make sense so we’ll just post a new tweet.

Soon this page, the message in the curly braces…that’s going to be the text from Facebook. It’ll automatically be inserted inside there. If you want to add extra text, anything you type outside the braces will be the same every time. Why would you want to customize this? Maybe you want to give people context. So, “Posted from my Facebook page”.

So we’ll create the action. Describe it so it makes sense later. We’ll create it and…we’re done! Easy. But now we’ll get more elaborate.

This time we’ll look to Twitter. Look at all these options. Tons of possibilities. I’m going to look for a new tweet with a hashtag by me. What is that hashtag? #Testing!

Now what action should IFTTT take? I want it to post a note to my phone via SMS. In the curly braces, the text from the tweet goes to my phones. I’ll add onto that by providing context by explaining where the message came from…and then a description…and viola! It’s done.

So these are two relatively simple examples.

One quick note is that the service only looks for updates every 15 minutes. As far as I can tell that is not customizable. So if you post to Twitter, nothing will happen for 15 minutes.

You can also check the “recipes” section to see what other things people make. You can sort by popularity which is great. Lot of nice ideas in here.
This is an awesome service. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s really easy to use. I’d love to know how you used it and what you did, or if you didn’t why you didn’t. Leave a note in the comments, can’t wait to read ‘em.

Cinchcast Audios from Start to Finish

Following the posting of the previous look at Cinchcast Audios, I was asked if I could provide a more detailed response and this should satisfy that request. This video shows you how to create a Cinchcast album; record from computer or call into a special phone line from your smart phone, cell phone or land line; how to embed the audio player widget into your blog for playback from the blog or your Cinchcast profile page. This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at

Video Look at and Social Gateways

Many people are aware of the site at (, however, there is an alternative or supplemental site you may also want to include at ( This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at

Video Showing How to Use Cinchcast to Embed Audio On Your Blog

Video shows you how to record a Cinchcast Audio at and then embed the audio as a widget on your blog. In this example, you also are introduced to the social aggregator Yosooy and social lifestreaming platform Profilactic This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his “Online Tutorial Series” at

Video Example Using AVS Editor and Images to Create Content

Most people who have been on the Internet for a few months will have discovered the ability to share photos of family, friends and events on sites like Flickr or Facebook. What they frequently overlook are the many other sites for sharing photos and images with the world at large. By using these added sites you can cast a larger shadow and make it more likely others will find what you are wanting to share.

This video was created using the process described here on this blog

Easily Convert Social Bookmarks & RSS Feeds to Slideshows

Discover the possible uses of this Social Media Tool from Diigo.

A new way of organizing, sharing, and presenting web content…

How is it useful?

  • Provide a quick briefing, a simple tutorial or guided tour on any subject.
  • Re-mix and re-package your blog posts to encourage browsing and embedding…
  • Create a guided tour for any website
  • Show a list of houses to real estate clients
  • Review a list of job candidates found online
  • Bundle important course resources for students
  • Assemble all the pages on a specific family line
  • Provide guided use cases for potential customers
  • Share the favorite places you would like to visit with your friends and blog readers
  • WebSlides allows you to create slideshow from bookmarks or RSS Feeds in minutes

Diigo WebSlides – Discover the possibilities!

Diigo WebSlides - Discover the possibilities!

Are You Missing This Social Action?

A look at one of the most frequently overlooked components of social media…social media actions. Whether on Empire Avenue, Facebook, your favorite blog or other social platform.